Just Put Your Shoes On

I think that I might be going crazy. Am I really asking the boys to do something horrible? Or am I asking them to put their toys away? Did I really just ask the boys at least 30 times to put on their shoes? Did I really need to ask them to put on their […] . . . → Read More: Just Put Your Shoes On

Some Things Aren’t Any Easier the Second Time

I am well aware that Quinlan is his own little man and in a lot of ways totally different than his brother. I love that Quinlan share his brother’s sense of curiosity. I am a little less enthused that he shares Aidan’s and let’s face it, mine and Anthony’s, stubbornness and inability to do things […] . . . → Read More: Some Things Aren’t Any Easier the Second Time

On the East Coast

We are now on the other coast for a month.  It has been an interesting few days full of many changes in routine, time and eating habits.  I always forget how long it takes me to adjust to the time and eating changes.  Add to this a toilet-training toddler, a second trimester pregnancy, later spring, […] . . . → Read More: On the East Coast

Whine, Flu and Toilet Training

He has officially entered the whiney stage. Aidan can not ask for anything now without using that whiney voice that drives me nuts. He still usually says “Please Mommy” but it is still a whine. So I am starting to be hard core. He has to ask politely and without the […] . . . → Read More: Whine, Flu and Toilet Training