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Another Contest

The good people at 5 minutes for Mom is having another giveaway.  All they ask is a few links which I am so willing to do, especially for a  … Continue reading

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Party at the Lower Deck

Hello everyone!
Anthony and I (as long as we can get the Grands to babysit) are going to be at the Lower Deck at 8 pm on Friday August 10th. Anyone in Halifax who wants to come see us is … Continue reading

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From the Mouthes of Babes

Overheard as I was getting Aidan in his car seat today.
“I am perfect.”
“Awesome bread!”

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More Harry related stuff

Ok, so while I am waiting impatiently for the book that shall not be named, I have been playing around with some other Potter related stuff. First of all, I tried another sorting quiz and guess which house I … Continue reading

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