Just Write (2): Hands

I see his small hand in mine and feel the warmth. Sometimes he grabs my hand, but now it is mostly me that is holding on for dear life. I hold on because he is my baby, the last of my babies. I hold on for fear, I hold on for warmth, I hold […] . . . → Read More: Just Write (2): Hands

Mostly 365: Quinlan and Aidan

Those Eyes

After 2 days not posting my #mostly365 to the blog, but still posting to Instagram and Facebook, I decided to bring out the big camera again and try to get some good shots of the boys. I am really pleased with some of these pictures and I am hoping the edits to one or two […] . . . → Read More: Mostly 365: Quinlan and Aidan

Fall and Life on Fastforward

It is so hard to believe that school is into its second month. Halloween and Quinlan’s birthday are just around the corner and today is the first real rain we’ve had since July. All so hard to believe, it is like I am living in a world that is on fast forward.
I know that living […] . . . → Read More: Fall and Life on Fastforward

Vancouver International Children’s Festival

Aidan and Quinlan dancing at the Grey Cup

There are lots of things that Anthony and I agree on when it comes to parenting,  and at the top of the list is making sure our children have a love and appreciation for culture. We love music and our boys have been to many concerts especially our favourites Fred Penner, Bobs and Lolo, Will […] . . . → Read More: Vancouver International Children’s Festival