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Tidbits Overheard Already Today

“A police car in the back of another police car; that’s crazy!”

“Nice blanket Mommy. It’s so soft.”

Aidan: “What’s that Mommy?”
Me: “Those are Kedji’s eyes.” (Kedji is his stuffed cat.)
Aidan: “Kedji’s eyes circles.”
Me: “That’s right Aidan. Kedji’s eyes … Continue reading

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Menu Plan Monday, I’m Back!

It seems like so long since I have posted, and I guess it has. My family and I have been in Nova Scotia for three weeks and since I got back in the middle of last I planned … Continue reading

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Overheard this Morning

Mommy: “Let’s watch something.”
Aidan: “Watch the baby crack?”
Just had to share.

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A Few New Things

Aidan has been growing by leaps and bounds in the last month both in body and mind. We left Vancouver with 3 pairs of shoes that fit and by the weekend of the first week they no longer … Continue reading

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