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Menu Plan Monday

Another week, another happy husband. Of course this may be because we spent most of the weekend outdoors. It was another beautiful weekend with lots of sun, big trucks and geocaching. The sun will be out … Continue reading

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The Shower Incident

We had a very long and exciting day of outdoor fun today that I will recount later. I first need to tell you about what happened getting Aidan ready for bed. I will just let you know that there … Continue reading

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I Couldn’t Resist

I love, love, loved The Golden Compass series by Phillip Pullman. I just found a link to finding your own Daemon. This is what I got, but I guess I need you to make sure that it is right … Continue reading

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Too Cute: An Aidan Dictionary

Aidan was just running around with his juice box after the cat saying “try it! try it!” I guess he listens when we get him to “just try it.”
Some new words:
bowzer (pronounced bow-zer) = bulldozer
ah-ger-ger= alligator
Soccer-monster = soccer … Continue reading

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