The Halifax Explosion: Repost

I understand why for most Canadians December 6th is a day of remembrance not for a disaster that killed 2000 people in Nova Scotia, but of a mad man shooting 14 women at an engineering school in Quebec. It was a horrible tragedy and I personally know some people who were attending the school […] . . . → Read More: The Halifax Explosion: Repost

Halifax the Sunny Day and a Half in Pictures

We have been here in Halifax almost 1 week and we have had 1.5 days of sun.  I haven’t had that many opportunities to take a lot of pictures.  The few that I have taken have been at the playground at the school next to the house and of the graveyard next to TUNS.
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On the East Coast

We are now on the other coast for a month.  It has been an interesting few days full of many changes in routine, time and eating habits.  I always forget how long it takes me to adjust to the time and eating changes.  Add to this a toilet-training toddler, a second trimester pregnancy, later spring, […] . . . → Read More: On the East Coast

Party at the Lower Deck

Hello everyone!
Anthony and I (as long as we can get the Grands to babysit) are going to be at the Lower Deck at 8 pm on Friday August 10th. Anyone in Halifax who wants to come see us is welcome!
See, you can go home again.
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