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Some Things Aren’t Any Easier the Second Time

I am well aware that Quinlan is his own little man and in a lot of ways totally different than his brother. I love that Quinlan share his brother’s sense of curiosity. I am a little less enthused that he … Continue reading

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I Dream of Sleep

I am coming up to the year and a half mark of little or no sleep.  When I do sleep it is only a few hours at a time and let me tell you I am a woman who needs … Continue reading

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Where I Try Not To Talk About Sleep

Ok I lied. I will most likely talk about sleep because it is ruling my life right now.  Well I suppose it is more likely the lack of sleep that is ruling our families life.  The sleep issues are making … Continue reading

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Guilty and Sleep Deprived . . . Again

I sometimes wonder if I have offended the sleep gods/goddesses somehow.  I love both my children but the night wakings and early morning wakings are starting to really take their toll.
I envy my husband his ability to go back to … Continue reading

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