Whine, Flu and Toilet Training

He has officially entered the whiney stage. Aidan can not ask for anything now without using that whiney voice that drives me nuts. He still usually says “Please Mommy” but it is still a whine. So I am starting to be hard core. He has to ask politely and without the whine before he gets what he wants. Anthony is on board and has decided that we should stop the prompting for pleases. Apparently he was waiting for five minutes after he finished dinner to get out of his chair while Anthony waited for a please. He is still unfailingly polite when he doesn’t want something. If you want him to try something he doesn’t want he says “No Thanks.”

As an aside, when Aidan was so sick with the stomach flu we were really worried about dehydration. If you clicked the link you will remember how bad it was. Well while we were forcing liquids down him and trying to get the medicine down so we could get his temperature down he kept saying, “No thanks, no thanks.” I think the nurses were amused that he was so sick and being so polite about not wanting anything to go in his mouth.

We are still trying to encourage Aidan to toilet train. We use bribes (which he ignores), we talk about going to the bathroom ourselves, we talk about how much more comfortable underwear are than diapers. We have tried stickers, everything. This morning I was talking to him about little boy underwear (he doesn’t want to be a big boy) and he told me he didn’t want underwear. “I just wear diapers. I don’t want underwear.” Sigh, I only have six months before he needs to be at least using the toilet a little bit. I am totally ready to have him finished with diapers. My least favourite parts of the day are changing the dirty diapers. They are making me almost puke with the smell.

Should I go hardcore and put underwear on him every day and try to get him so uncomfortable that he trains? Do I actually buy one of those damn potties? (We use a stool and a toilet insert now.) Do the books help? I need some advice people.

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