Just Put Your Shoes On

I think that I might be going crazy. Am I really asking the boys to do something horrible? Or am I asking them to put their toys away? Did I really just ask the boys at least 30 times to put on their shoes? Did I really need to ask them to put on their jackets?

Quinlan is going through a very bad case of the threes. Everything is a fight with him. He is frustrating and frustrated. He is refusing to toilet train. He screams all the time. He throws things. He hit his brother. But when he smiles and hugs you you have a very hard time staying angry at him.

I am trying to set limits on Quinlan for the bad behaviour that hurt people and things. I am trying to let go of the things that are not hurting anyone. I am trying to give Quinlan the opportunity to decide when he is ready to get rid of the pull-ups and actually go to the toilet all the time. I think we are in for a rough ride for a while until he figures out that the bad behaviour is not as satisfying as good behaviour. As stubborn as he is, the toilet training thing will only happen when he is ready. Anthony and I just need to let go of the thought of having less than 7 (or more) full years of butt wiping duty. Related, how on earth do you get a child to stay in time out? Putting in his room just resulted in him pulling off more of the wallpaper border.


Frustrated in Vancouver

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  1. NanaLorraine says:

    Time out is never in the bedroom. You have to drive yourself crazy by sitting him on the time out chair or step and putting him back every time he leaves it. Again, & again& again. Stephen outlasted me and you did not need it.

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