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Lighthouse Park

Since Saturday was taken up by looking for and failing to find glasses, Sunday morning we went to Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. Aidan slept very well the night before so we figured we could get a bit of … Continue reading

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Cheers to the New Bi-Ped

Aidan has taken more than two steps on his own. FINALLY!!
I can now say to anyone who asks “Is he walking on his own yet?” “Yes, as a matter of fact he is.” I don’t have to … Continue reading

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Penaten, Penaten Everywhere, and Not a Drop of Rash

This morning after Aidan had a short nap and T. was down for the count I decided to read my scrapbooking book. Aidan was happily watching Veggie Tales or baby crack as we like to call it here, and … Continue reading

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Thursday Love

Last Thursday Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks and Irene Nam of Momster started Love Thursday. I really liked the idea but didn’t get around to getting the picture and links up last Thursday, so today I am doing a double.
The … Continue reading

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