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Just Put Your Shoes On

I think that I might be going crazy. Am I really asking the boys to do something horrible? Or am I asking them to put their toys away? Did I really just ask the boys at least 30 times to … Continue reading

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Parenting Fail or Am I Overeacting?

As I wrote yesterday Aidan’s school had a Halloween carnival on Friday night.  There was a ton of fun for all ages and there were kids from babies to grade 7’s there.  Most of the costumes on both the kids … Continue reading

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Where is a Sleep Guru When You Need One?

When my now 10 month old was only 2 months old he slept like nobody’s business.  He would go to sleep around 11 pm and not wake until 5 am, nurse for a bit and go back to sleep for … Continue reading

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Darwin Award or Why I Shouldn’t Have Left the House Today

I almost won a Darwin award today.  Ok well maybe not a Darwin award, but an award for being stupid and needing new glasses.  After I dropped Aidan off for preschool, Quinlan and I went to Riley park to check … Continue reading

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