The Push to Write Again

I keep thinking that I need to brush up my writing skills again, so with that in mind I signed up to be a Blog Ambassador for Leading Moms. I figure that since I don’t want to be writing only sponsored content, that I will need to get off  (or on as the case may be) my ass and start writing about anything and everything again.

Please wish me luck, and let me know if there is anything you might actually like to hear about.



Menu Plan Monday November 17-22

I did pretty 2014-11-017well with the menu last week, using most of the same ingredients when I didn’t cook the correct meal. It is a work in progress, and having a child come home sick in the middle of the day always changes things. This week we should be back to normal routine and hopefully the meal planning will work out. I am working hard to be flexible though and meals can easily be moved to another day if the need arises.

Monday: Lunch: Chicken noodle soup, croissant, fruit. Supper: Ham, mashed potatoes and vegetables.

Tuesday: Lunch: Leftover ham, croissant, fruit. Supper: Home made oven baked chicken fingers, oven fries and raw veggies.

Wednesday: Lunch: Sushi. Supper: Breakfast for dinner.

Thursday: Lunch: Pizza Supper: Twisty Pasta and tomato sauce.

Friday: Lunch:  Pasta, fruit. Supper: Pizza and Movie Night

Saturday: Lunch: Leftover pizza. Supper: Roasted chicken or roast, with oven roasted vegetables.

I have also started putting the meal plan back up on my fridge so I can remember what I am planning. Back to the basics every time.

What is on your plan this week?

Too Busy

Sorry, I am just getting in a quick post. Between choir practice, voting and tabletop games with the family, and then with friends I didn’t have time to write.

See you tomorrow.