Leading Moms 2015

I posted a little while ago that I wanted to revive my blog and that as part of the push to make me write more was to become a blog ambassador for the Leading Moms.

This year I get to attend. The last few years didn’t work out for me to go, but I watched the hashtag on twitter and talked to other friends who were able to go about the sessions and especially the keynote speaker. The chance to listen and connect with smart successful moms is very appealing and I enjoy the chance to reconnect with the amazing bloggers and social media people of Vancouver.

As a part of Leading Moms 2015 on September 25th, the event boasts an all-star speaker line-up, including CTV’s award-winning broadcaster, anchor and breast cancer survivor Mi-Jung Lee. Add a poet, a songstress, a filmmaker, a trans mom, an investor and a physician and you can’t help but be moved and inspired by the range of experiences. You’ll hear about personal journeys in motherhood through a mix of performance, video and intimate talks delivered straight from the heart.

If you too would like to attend Leading Moms 2015 the Early Bird Ticket is still available until September 9th and if you decide after the 9th I have a promo code for 15% off the regular ticket price. The code is lmfriends.




This is a sponsored post and as such my ticket to Leading Moms 2015 is paid for. Special thanks to Springfree Trampolines for sponsoring the blog ambassador program.

My New Year Starts: Menu Plan Monday

The beginning of September always seems more like a new year to me than any other time of year. The air starts to get a bit cooler, the rain starts to fall, the leaves start to turn and the kids go back to school. Even when I didn’t have any children September was always a new beginning. I love buying school supplies, starting a new notebook, or sharpening a brand new pencil and uncapping a new favourite pen.

Since September is my new year, I thought I would try to make some resolutions, the first being meal planning. I hope that by making menu plans I might start hating dinner time a little less. I also spent some time making a list of meals both boys like, meal they each like separately and meals they would like to try. I also hope that each of them will start to make some of the meals every week. Both Aidan and Quinlan like to cook and I want them to be able to feed themselves.

Going through some cookbooks to find some new recipes.

Going through some cookbooks to find some new recipes.
















Monday 31 August: Since we had roast chicken last night, today we have homemade chicken soup. I made the stock this morning, and tonight I will add potatoes, carrots and turnip  and onion to half and chicken and noodles to the rest. I like that this soup stock can be so versatile.

Tuesday 1 September: Since we have leftover mashed potatoes I will make Shepherds Pie or Cottage Pie with lots of veggies mixed into the hamburger mixture. This is the only way Aidan eats mashed potatoes and both will eat more vegetables than they would otherwise. The funny thing is that both Quinlan and Aidan know what vegetables go into the meat mixture.

Wednesday 2 September: This is Aidan’s day to start learning to cook and we are starting with Macaroni and Cheese. I want to also make something homemade that they like better.

Thursday 3 September: I asked the boys to help me with the list of meals they would eat and baked chicken fingers made the list. This is the day for Quinlan to help me make the meal.

Friday 4 September: Since we will be getting ready for Evan’s Lake it will either be leftovers or pizza.

Saturday, Sunday 5-6 September: For the weekend we will be at the annual family camp for L’ecole Bilingue.


The Push to Write Again

I keep thinking that I need to brush up my writing skills again, so with that in mind I signed up to be a Blog Ambassador for Leading Moms. I figure that since I don’t want to be writing only sponsored content, that I will need to get off  (or on as the case may be) my ass and start writing about anything and everything again.

Please wish me luck, and let me know if there is anything you might actually like to hear about.