One Year and a Birth Story

Last year this time I was a bit of an uncomfortable mess.  I was ready to not be pregnant, but Anthony and I were a little worried that my mom wouldn’t make it here in time.  I really wanted my doctor to be the one to deliver Quinlan and she was on call the Friday […] . . . → Read More: One Year and a Birth Story

Menu Plan Monday

I am not sure why I am trying to do this this particular week, but I am hoping I don’t go into labour until my mom is here.  Anthony has forbiden me to go into labour and has told me to cross my legs if need be.  (I know that he is only partially kidding.)  […] . . . → Read More: Menu Plan Monday

Baby Pool

On Monday we had our friends over for Thanksgiving.  I know it seems a little silly for some one a couple of weeks from her due date to host Thanksgiving.  That being said, I love dinner parties.  Having the dinner at our house means that we can have a good time with our friends and […] . . . → Read More: Baby Pool

mo’ babies? Why yes!

As of now  I am 6 weeks away from a new baby of my own and I have been remembering all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) aspects of being the parent of a newborn.   As part of the virtual shower for Kristen of Motherhood Uncensored and Rebecca of Girl’s Gone Child the hosts are […] . . . → Read More: mo’ babies? Why yes!