Mostly 365: day 2


Today I thought I would showcase a couple of pictures from last week and a snapshot from today. Today was Anthony’s first day back at work so the boys and I had some time to start getting back into our routines. After taking our time this morning we went out to the the mundane things […] . . . → Read More: Mostly 365: day 2

Some Things Aren’t Any Easier the Second Time

I am well aware that Quinlan is his own little man and in a lot of ways totally different than his brother. I love that Quinlan share his brother’s sense of curiosity. I am a little less enthused that he shares Aidan’s and let’s face it, mine and Anthony’s, stubbornness and inability to do things […] . . . → Read More: Some Things Aren’t Any Easier the Second Time


Aidan took the time to push his brother all around the playground several times, causing many parents and caregivers to comment on what nice brothers these two are. Despite all the friction that is sibling rivalry there is so much love between these two. Not many other siblings at drop off and pickup time kiss […] . . . → Read More: Brothers

Quinlan and Aidan

I have two pictures on my mantle of Quinlan and Aidan, they were taken on the first day of preschool last year. Both boys are happy, laughing and looking at each other. I look at these two pictures and I marvel at how much they have changed in the last year and a half.
Aidan is […] . . . → Read More: Quinlan and Aidan