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Guilty and Sleep Deprived . . . Again

I sometimes wonder if I have offended the sleep gods/goddesses somehow.  I love both my children but the night wakings and early morning wakings are starting to really take their toll.
I envy my husband his ability to go back to … Continue reading

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First Sunday in Advent

Today is the beginning of the church year.  Today is the beginning of Advent.  Today is the beginning of the countdown to Christmas.  Today is the day I took two children to church by myself.  Today is the day Quinlan … Continue reading

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Where is a Sleep Guru When You Need One?

When my now 10 month old was only 2 months old he slept like nobody’s business.  He would go to sleep around 11 pm and not wake until 5 am, nurse for a bit and go back to sleep for … Continue reading

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Teething Again

Aidan never does anything half assed. He is teething again. This time it is two molars and an eye-tooth. All. At. The same time! This doesn’t make for a restful weekend.
Friday night I was … Continue reading

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