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Darwin Award or Why I Shouldn’t Have Left the House Today

I almost won a Darwin award today.  Ok well maybe not a Darwin award, but an award for being stupid and needing new glasses.  After I dropped Aidan off for preschool, Quinlan and I went to Riley park to check … Continue reading

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More Minefields of a Walking Toddler

As all moms know a walking toddler is a minefield waiting to happen. Yesterday Aidan and I went to get some food and the to pick up Daddy for lunch. Since we were picking up food at the village … Continue reading

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Penaten, Penaten Everywhere, and Not a Drop of Rash

This morning after Aidan had a short nap and T. was down for the count I decided to read my scrapbooking book. Aidan was happily watching Veggie Tales or baby crack as we like to call it here, and … Continue reading

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