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Things That Are True: Getting Cars Fixed or Maintained Sucks

There is almost nothing more annoying, nerve wracking and, horrific than taking a car into get the oil changed or something fixed. I actually have nightmares about bringing our car in for what should be routine maintenance. I am a … Continue reading

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Why Didn’t Buffy Get Paid?

There is one thing more than anything else that sticks in my craw about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It is not the vampires or other demons, or even the sudden appearance of Dawn. The thing that bothers me most is … Continue reading

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Effing Bad Start to the Weekend

This has been an epically bad day and it is just noon now.
Our day started at about 6ish with Quinlan waking up crying. It turns out he was feeling sick, had a dream about his tummy hurting and had thrown … Continue reading

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Where I Try Not To Talk About Sleep

Ok I lied. I will most likely talk about sleep because it is ruling my life right now.  Well I suppose it is more likely the lack of sleep that is ruling our families life.  The sleep issues are making … Continue reading

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