Aidan took the time to push his brother all around the playground several times, causing many parents and caregivers to comment on what nice brothers these two are. Despite all the friction that is sibling rivalry there is so much love between these two. Not many other siblings at drop off and pickup time kiss […] . . . → Read More: Brothers

First Day of Kindergarten

Another milestone met by my eldest boy Aidan.  Another milestone met by his parents.  The much anticipated first day of kindergarten.  I am excited to have Aidan in “real” school.
I wasn’t too sure how Aidan was feeling about kindergarten. Most of the time Aidan was quite happy to talk about going to kindergarten and today […] . . . → Read More: First Day of Kindergarten

Who says you don’t meet interesting people at the playground?

Not me. In fact I think I had my first celebrity parent sighting. Now I am not sure which Sedin twin it was, but one of them (I think Daniel) was at Douglas Park today with his daughter. I didn’t even notice at first until I was getting Aidan on to the […] . . . → Read More: Who says you don’t meet interesting people at the playground?

New Camera, My Favourite Subjects

Something we hear a lot at our house: Anthony says, “Aidan, where’s Mommy?”

Aidan and Anthony, False Creek Elementary School

We went walking and stumbled upon a small playground one day. I brought Aidan and Anthony back here to play. I am not sure that Aidan liked his first time on a tire swing. […] . . . → Read More: New Camera, My Favourite Subjects