First Sunday in Advent

Today is the beginning of the church year.  Today is the beginning of Advent.  Today is the beginning of the countdown to Christmas.  Today is the day I took two children to church by myself.  Today is the day Quinlan was a very cranky boy.  Boy was today a day.

I did however get a few things finished, but not one of them was getting the Christmas decorations from on top of the storage unit.  Which is too bad because this means that my advent wreath is still in the tub on top of our storage unit.  I was planning to have a real family advent and light the first candle and sing  O Come, O Come Emmanuel.

The biggest thing I managed to finish while Anthony held Quinlan out of the way, was to sew some buttons on the inside of Aidan’s duvet and some elastic loops on the inside of the cover.  I hope it now actually stays put where it is supposed to and doesn’t become a garbled lump. Oh and I managed to corner one of the men in the choir who missed Saturday’s rehearsal.  I made sure his wife and one of his sons also knew when he was supposed to be at choir this week.  I am hoping this helps.

At least I accomplished something and gave Anthony a bit of alone time.

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2 Responses to First Sunday in Advent

  1. We just made up our advent wreath, and lit the first candle at supper. Where did the year go, it seems like we did this just a few weeks ago!

  2. Nana says:

    You would think that having used my Advent wreath for 30+ years that I could have found it yesterday! I just put one of the big purple pillar candles on the table and enjoyed that. It is very different having Advent without children, much quieter and more contempletive.

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