Public Art and Photography

I am taking a photography class and I am enjoying (for the most part) being in a classroom again. I like that I am learning to control my camera and not always relying on the auto mode to get results. I don’t like that Kits high school still has their heat on and the lab […] . . . → Read More: Public Art and Photography

Things That Go Boom: Aidan Cam

Perspective on the blast scene from an almost 3-yr old and his FP Digital Camera (as selected by Dad):

I think these are pretty good given the equipment he has to work with! 🙂
. . . → Read More: Things That Go Boom: Aidan Cam

Christmas Holidays, in Review


I am sorry for the lack of posting over the holidays, I have been busy and not busy at the same time. I am posting most of this review in pictures with some commentary. I cannot do so for Christmas day because with the excitement of the morning and the web-camming with […] . . . → Read More: Christmas Holidays, in Review

New Camera, My Favourite Subjects

Something we hear a lot at our house: Anthony says, “Aidan, where’s Mommy?”

Aidan and Anthony, False Creek Elementary School

We went walking and stumbled upon a small playground one day. I brought Aidan and Anthony back here to play. I am not sure that Aidan liked his first time on a tire swing. […] . . . → Read More: New Camera, My Favourite Subjects