July 1st, A New Winter?

As we always do on July 1st, we celebrate Canada Day at granville Island.  This year my mom was with us and we headed down after lunch and Quinlan’s nap.  The interesting part of it was we were all dressed in almsot the same clothes we wore in February . . . at the Olympics.  […] . . . → Read More: July 1st, A New Winter?

About a Mother

About a month ago I started to see tweets fling about a super idea for Mother’s day.  As far as I know it started out as a glimmer in @KimPlumley’s mind, and today Twitter Giver launched its first contest.  Along with Yoyomama and now CBC Vancouver,  Twitter Giver has a huge  prize worth over 3000 […] . . . → Read More: About a Mother

Menu Plan Monday

I took a break from the menu planning last week and it was a disaster. I had to actually plan the meals for the latter part of the week. So back to planning from the beginning. (I am actually using a number of the meals my mom suggested in the last […] . . . → Read More: Menu Plan Monday

Last Night: The Wake Ups, Part 2

Anthony and I got to sleep sometime after midnight only to be wakened by a horrific scream in the alley out back. The screaming kept on going followed by a man yelling and the woman still screaming bloody murder. (Well no those weren’t her exact words, but it really sounded bad.) […] . . . → Read More: Last Night: The Wake Ups, Part 2