Visiting With Grandad

Last week my father stayed with us and had a great time with his grandsons. We didn’t do anything particularly special, but we had every sort of weather to do it in. We did spend some time at Granville Island, some time sledding, and Aidan and Dad had a bit of adventure time.

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About a Mother

About a month ago I started to see tweets fling about a super idea for Mother’s day.  As far as I know it started out as a glimmer in @KimPlumley’s mind, and today Twitter Giver launched its first contest.  Along with Yoyomama and now CBC Vancouver,  Twitter Giver has a huge  prize worth over 3000 […] . . . → Read More: About a Mother

Checkin the Mail Mommy

Aidan, like most kids I’d bet, loves to check the mail.  Aidan especially likes it when he get to read the mail.  We give him our junk mail and the grandparents have been writing him letters lately.  I think I will have to get a scrapbook just for the letters he is getting.
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