Grace in the Small Things: 1

I think that along with #Mostly365 I will start participating in Grace in the Small Things. It seems like a good idea to keep positive by thinking about those things that make everyday a little better.

1. A beautiful green ukulele that my husband got me for Christmas and the red skull ukulele that my sister […] . . . → Read More: Grace in the Small Things: 1

Toons For Toddlers


When my kids were babies the only time I got to see any movies was when I went to a movie that was lower in sound and was meant to have babies on your lap. When Quinlan was born none of us went to movies because even if I wanted to take Aidan to a […] . . . → Read More: Toons For Toddlers

Family Movie Night

In our quest to find movies that don’t make Aidan run screaming “I don’t want to see this movie. It scares me,”  we have tried a number of different family films over the last few weeks.  Usually if we can keep a hold of him and reassure him, Aidan will make it to he end […] . . . → Read More: Family Movie Night

New Moon

Last year around this time I was a mom with a newborn again and tired as all get out.  Some things were easier, but not everything.  With problems breastfeeding and not enough sleep and no chance to sleep when my baby slept because I had a three year old who no longer took naps and […] . . . → Read More: New Moon