Just Write (4) Classic Popcorn Technology

It is Friday afternoon and I should know better than to go to the grocery store hungry. Both boys are happy but a little antsy as they are wont to be in the grocery store just after school.
We need milk and yogurt like always, but I am really after snacks to go with the movie […] . . . → Read More: Just Write (4) Classic Popcorn Technology

Mostly 365: Family Games Night

Playing Catan Junior

Along with some other goals like taking pictures almost every day we are trying to play more board games as a family. So far it is making our Saturday nights a little more exciting.
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Mostly365: Anemone

Blue Anemone: Closer

Today we went to the Vancouver Aquarium to make the most of our family membership. I usually take about a thousand pictures of the jellyfish because I think they are absolutely beautiful. Since i had a slight miss-communication with the friends we were meeting I didn’t get as much time in the jelly gallery as […] . . . → Read More: Mostly365: Anemone

Happy New Year

We decide to take a chance and start out our new year in a way I hope we will continue over the rest of the year, taking time to be a part of the beauty that is our home here in Vancouver. I also plan to take part in #mostly365 by taking pictures and posting […] . . . → Read More: Happy New Year