Family Movie Night

In our quest to find movies that don’t make Aidan run screaming “I don’t want to see this movie. It scares me,”  we have tried a number of different family films over the last few weeks.  Usually if we can keep a hold of him and reassure him, Aidan will make it to he end of the movies. Sometimes he loves them and sometimes he, well, he doesn’t.

So far some thumbs up movies:

Toy Story 3 (He did have to be reassured a few times, especially at the dump.)

How to Train Your Dragon (Oddly enough he really liked this movie, and had to be reassured a lot less than usual.)

Mary Poppins (He had no trouble with this one at all. I wasn’t sure what his reaction would be.)

The Sound of Music (We haven’t watched the whole thing, but so far so good.)

The thumbs down:

Finding Nemo (He spent some time under the dining room table for this one.)

I am to the point where I think I really need to get him to watch as many kid movies as I can to desensitise him a bit. I mean if he can have a problem with Cars, a movie he has watch a dozen times, we really need to find a way to help him manage his anxiety with minor conflict.

What are your kids favourite movies? Or, what are your favourite kid movies?

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