New Moon

Last year around this time I was a mom with a newborn again and tired as all get out.  Some things were easier, but not everything.  With problems breastfeeding and not enough sleep and no chance to sleep when my baby slept because I had a three year old who no longer took naps and wanted some attention.  So I was surprised when Anthony suggested that I take some time and go to the opening weekend of Twilight.

I went to see a late afternoon matinée and I was a little unsure if I really wanted to be there.  I also felt guilty for maybe wanting a little time to be out by myself so soon after Quinlan was born.  I didn’t take that time when Aidan was born, so how could I justify the time with Quinlan?  Didn’t I love him ans much as Aidan?  Of course I loved him as much as my first born, but I was also dealing with a three year old, and a newborn and no chance to go to see a movie at the baby friendly showings.  Anthony was very capable of taking care of the boys and a few hours were not going to kill me, just make me a little uncomfortable.

In a week or so, New Moon will be coming out in the theatre.  I am ashamed to admit it but I am pretty sure I will stick Anthony with the boys again and go to the movies by myself.  I am not ashamed because I am taking time for myself.  I am ashamed because I am going to see another movie that is not as good as the book, and with inferior casting.  I may be going out on a limb here, but Cedric Diggory wasn’t my idea of Edward.  I think that Rosalie and Carlisle are too blonde and not really that pretty.  The guy who plays Jasper isn’t old enough and my god what were they thinking when they cast him?  The only  one who has any resemblance to the cast of characters in my head is Alice.  All the others are pale imitations or downright wrong.  I certainly hope they find a way to make the Vampires actually sparkle this time.  I am not sure I can take the minute amount of glitter they tried to pass off last time.

Despite all the criticism I can throw at the last movie, I will still watch them all.  I will probably watch them multiple times, though only once in theatre.   I will watch because I am a sucker for these kinds of things.  I will watch because it is a night out by myself.  I will watch because inside I am still a teenage girl who likes her sparkly vampires.

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2 Responses to New Moon

  1. Annemarie says:

    If you want company let me know…and I’m not a fan of the casting either.
    .-= Annemarie´s last blog ..poppy talk =-.

  2. I think that the books were much better than the first movie for sure. I have hopes for the second film though – new director and more money might give it a shot. I agree with the casting. The only cast that (sort of) fits the images in my head are Charlie and Jacob. The casting of Rosalie is super annoying to me because in the book she’s supposed to be the most beautiful creature ever and the way they dressed and did her make-up in Twilight The Movie was awful. I could go on nit-picking the movie and yet although I don’t love the movie there’s something about it that I find appealing for some reason. Maybe the music. Maybe the fact that I read the books at an important time in my life. For whatever reason I’m totally going to New Moon when it comes out. And I’m probably going alone. It’s nice to get away from the kidlets every so often. Maybe I’ll spy you in the theatre.
    .-= Marilyn (A Lot of Loves)´s last blog ..Inked: Wednesday of Few Words =-.

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