Menu Plan Monday

We do so much better in this house when we have a meal plan in place so I fully plan to re-institute Menu Plan Monday.  I liked how it helps me to get a little bit organized even if i don’t always follow it entirely.
Monday: KD and Soup.  Not the best, but I counter this […] . . . → Read More: Menu Plan Monday

Why I Love My Slow-Cooker:Food Revolution Fridays

I love my slow-cooker.  I don’t use it as often as I should, but when I do I love that I can go about my day and forget about supper.  I don’t have the panicky feeling around 5 o’clock saying “What should I make for supper? Can I get away with bbq hamburgers again?”  Especially […] . . . → Read More: Why I Love My Slow-Cooker:Food Revolution Fridays

What’s on Your Menu?

I haven’t posted a Menu Plan Monday in a very long time.  It is not thatI don’t plan the menus, just that I am having a hrad time sticking to them and if theyare posted here, I feel like I am more bound to them. So in the interest of keeping to the menu this […] . . . → Read More: What’s on Your Menu?

Menu Planning After Baby

I know this is a shocker, Gwen is planning a menu for this week.  I promised Anthony that we would not go out for dinner this week and maybe next, so we plan.  I tried a crock pit chili last week and I liked it so much I am planning to make it again this […] . . . → Read More: Menu Planning After Baby