Mostly 365: Family Games Night

Playing Catan Junior

Along with some other goals like taking pictures almost every day we are trying to play more board games as a family. So far it is making our Saturday nights a little more exciting.
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Mostly365: Anemone

Blue Anemone: Closer

Today we went to the Vancouver Aquarium to make the most of our family membership. I usually take about a thousand pictures of the jellyfish because I think they are absolutely beautiful. Since i had a slight miss-communication with the friends we were meeting I didn’t get as much time in the jelly gallery as […] . . . → Read More: Mostly365: Anemone

Magic of Santa

Today I need to write about something fun and light and festive. In October our family went to see The Great Big Boo at the PNE. It was our first time and the boys loved the musical and the costumes and the dancing. Next weekend we are going to see another production called The Magic […] . . . → Read More: Magic of Santa

A Day Out With Thomas: Finally!!

Quinlan and Aidan in front of Thomas

The Saturday of Quinlan’s fevered dreams finally came this weekend. He has been waiting, and waiting and waiting for this day to come forever, well in the life of a three year old. Six weeks of “Is it June yet?” was a little hard to take but it was worth it to see his enthusiasm […] . . . → Read More: A Day Out With Thomas: Finally!!