Mostly365: Anemone

Blue Anemone: Closer

Today we went to the Vancouver Aquarium to make the most of our family membership. I usually take about a thousand pictures of the jellyfish because I think they are absolutely beautiful. Since i had a slight miss-communication with the friends we were meeting I didn’t get as much time in the jelly gallery as […] . . . → Read More: Mostly365: Anemone

Learning and Playing with Play-Doh

I have found the perfect greatest messiest most colourful toy ever. Play-Doh is a great tool for a few things. First Aidan has been playing with the small Play-Doh (I bought a 50 pack of small containers last year just before his birthday) for over an hour and for a good portion […] . . . → Read More: Learning and Playing with Play-Doh