Mostly 365: Family Games Night

Playing Catan Junior

Along with some other goals like taking pictures almost every day we are trying to play more board games as a family. So far it is making our Saturday nights a little more exciting.
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Family Games Afternoon

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Daily Ramble

Block Block I am blocked.  I am trying so hard to write every day, but I am also trying to write something worth reading.  Plus I am also trying to , you know, have a life.  Today that meant getting dressed and getting out of the house to do some errands.
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I love Guitar Hero (Reprise)

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Guitar Hero any more we got the second bundle from Futureshop in the mail.  We had been thinking that we would just take it back to the store since it was unopened and we had a copy.  Then we thought about getting a second guitar so we could [...] . . . → Read More: I love Guitar Hero (Reprise)