Magic of Santa

Today I need to write about something fun and light and festive. In October our family went to see The Great Big Boo at the PNE. It was our first time and the boys loved the musical and the costumes and the dancing. Next weekend we are going to see another production called The Magic […] . . . → Read More: Magic of Santa

Voting and the Underaged

It is no secret that Anthony and I are engaged and active in the political scene in Canada. We vote, we research the issues and we talk about what our politicians are doing for and about our country, city and province. We talk about politics in front of and with our children. While our two […] . . . → Read More: Voting and the Underaged

Something Weird Happened Today

So something weird happened today.  Something happened that was so weird I needed to take some pictures so people will believe that it actually happened.  Something that has happened for only the second time in four years.  Aidan spontaneously fell asleep.  He fell asleep on the floor.  He is still asleep on the floor.  I […] . . . → Read More: Something Weird Happened Today