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If You Like to Talk to Tomatoes

At our house there is almost always some sort of music on at least in the background.  We sing out loud and proud and Aidan is no different.  Luckily he seems to be (so far) taking after me in the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Little Man!

I was hoping to post this entry yesterday, but I tell you, whoever thought that a “Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything” party theme was going to be a snap, was obviously kidding herself. I was finishing the pinata and … Continue reading

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Penaten, Penaten Everywhere, and Not a Drop of Rash

This morning after Aidan had a short nap and T. was down for the count I decided to read my scrapbooking book. Aidan was happily watching Veggie Tales or baby crack as we like to call it here, and … Continue reading

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Baby Crack

No, not that kind of crack. The kind that keeps them glued to one spot. The kind that lets you strap a mask on the poor child and get through a half hour of medication into a struggling infant. … Continue reading

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