Baby Crack

No, not that kind of crack. The kind that keeps them glued to one spot. The kind that lets you strap a mask on the poor child and get through a half hour of medication into a struggling infant. The kind that lets you take the child you are taking care of downstairs for a nap and knowing that you son will not have moved at all. You know that he is safe and not showing you how small he can make himself by going under the baby gate and into the always fun bathroom. (Or going down the stairs by himself in a tumbling scare your mother to death kind of way.)

Yes boys and girls I am talking about the Veggie Tales Sing Along Videos. They are better than any other tv show. Aidan has always liked them. In fact when he was very small I used to feel guilty about letting him watch tv at all. But I soon got over it when I realized that I could actually get something to eat or, god forbid, go to the bathroom.

Now that I am taking care of my friend’s son, it is the most valuable piece of toddler equipment that I own. I am so glad that I discovered the effects of Veggie Tales.

What about you? What are your best forms of baby distraction?

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2 Responses to Baby Crack

  1. heidi says:

    Funny:) That’s what my husband & I call our automatic baby swing. Of course, a ceiling fan or a shadow on the wall can fascinate a 2 month old for hours:) I have a sneaky feeling that I’ll need baby crack alot more as the crawling, walking, talking, general high-maintenence phase approaches.

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