Penaten, Penaten Everywhere, and Not a Drop of Rash

This morning after Aidan had a short nap and T. was down for the count I decided to read my scrapbooking book. Aidan was happily watching Veggie Tales or baby crack as we like to call it here, and I thought I was safe. Aidan was moving around a bit but his attention was still on the songs so I really thought I could read. He then found the tin of diaper cream, you know the really thick zinc oxide. I thought (stupid me) that it was ok, because he was engrossed in the Veggie Tales and he couldn’t open the tin anyway.

Now to be fair (to me) he is always quiet when he watches these songs and usually he doesn’t even move, so it really wasn’t any quieter than usual to get my mommy radar going. When I looked up Aidan, the coffee table and all of the clothes he was wearing were covered in diaper cream. Silly me I went down to get my camera and started a video conversation with Anthony at work before I cleaned him up. Well, I guess that it was the parent in me. I couldn’t be angry at him as it was totally my fault for under-estimating his ability to open things.

So, check out the pictures and laugh with me. I think the shirt and the pants are done for.

After a lot of work, baby wipes, dish soap, soaking, baking powder, Spray n’ Wash, detergent and a super hot Super wash most of the Penaten came out except for a little stain on the shirt. Wow. I thought they were done for. Now if only the Spray n’ Wash didn’t have such a bad smell. I have had a migraine since spraying the clothes.

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2 Responses to Penaten, Penaten Everywhere, and Not a Drop of Rash

  1. heidi says:

    What an adorable mess:)

  2. Shan says:

    My daughter got into the penaten too- but she likes to put it in her hair…

    Thought you’d get a kick out of this.

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