If You Like to Talk to Tomatoes

At our house there is almost always some sort of music on at least in the background.  We sing out loud and proud and Aidan is no different.  Luckily he seems to be (so far) taking after me in the vocal department and after his father in the rhythm department.
We play all kinds of music […] . . . → Read More: If You Like to Talk to Tomatoes

Bringing Back Science, Was it Lost?

The Parent Bloggers Network and PBS’s Zula Intergalactic Warrior are sponsoring a blog blast on science education. They are wondering what parents are doing to make science more accessible to their children. It was an interesting question for me. I am a elementary teacher and my husband is an Aerospace and Materials […] . . . → Read More: Bringing Back Science, Was it Lost?

Picky Eater? Aidan? . . . Well Maybe

I have heard a whole lot from the blogashpere about Jessica Seinfeld’s new cookbook Deceptively Delicious. It seems that she routinely purees vegetable matter and stuffs it into just about everything she can think of. I think that if Aidan were only really picky about eating vegetables I would get th book and […] . . . → Read More: Picky Eater? Aidan? . . . Well Maybe

Sticks and Stones

I am always hearing about Hockey or Soccer or (insert some other sport/activity here) parent who feels that their son or daughter is not being treated fairly by their coach or referee. This is fine, and the parents who talk reasonably to the coach/referee about whatever issue they feel they have is great. I […] . . . → Read More: Sticks and Stones