Just Write (4) Classic Popcorn Technology

It is Friday afternoon and I should know better than to go to the grocery store hungry. Both boys are happy but a little antsy as they are wont to be in the grocery store just after school.
We need milk and yogurt like always, but I am really after snacks to go with the movie […] . . . → Read More: Just Write (4) Classic Popcorn Technology

Mostly 365: Cute Factor

I am lucky to have some very photogenic models to help me learn to be a better photographer. I decided to split up the pictures so you don’t die of the cute.
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Trains, Trains, Trains

I am pretty sure the boy get their love of trains from me. That is not to say that Anthony doesn’t like trains, but I think he was more into other things growing up. A big part of the reason the boys have so much wooden train track and trains is because I love them. […] . . . → Read More: Trains, Trains, Trains

Father and Son

Just before all the sick took over the house we had a sunny Sunday at Granville Island. I was able to take this picture of Quinlan and Anthony. I love it.

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