Just Write (4) Classic Popcorn Technology

Classic Popcorn TechnologyIt is Friday afternoon and I should know better than to go to the grocery store hungry. Both boys are happy but a little antsy as they are wont to be in the grocery store just after school.

We need milk and yogurt like always, but I am really after snacks to go with the movie we will watch when we get home. When we get to the snack aisle I decide we should get popcorn for the air-popper instead of microwave bags. I am not sure why, maybe a feeling of nostalgia or of a remembered better taste, but I buy the kernels.

The boys excited to see the air-popper in action and they ask me to make popcorn as soon as we get home. Aidan is particularly excited to see this “new popcorn technology.” I laugh and point out that it is old popcorn technology, not new.

We add popcorn into the air-popper and it has been so long since I last used the machine that I no longer remember how much popcorn to put in the popper. The kernels are in the machine and a bowl is under the spout as I plug the air-popper in. The kernels swirl around and a few minutes later they start popping.

Quinlan and Aidan have huge smiles on their faces as they watch the popcorn fly out of the spout and pile up in the stainless steel bowl. They stare at the air-popper and gasp excitedly and their smiles get bigger as the last pieces fly out at great speed.

I unplug the air-popper remembering that it was a wedding presently nearly thirteen years ago. I smile to myself as I get the bowl of popcorn ready for the boys. As I bring the bowl to the living room Aidan gives me a hug and says to me “Thank you so much for showing us this classic popcorn technology Mommy.”


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