Of Blood and Babies

I was going to post this a couple of weeks ago, but I got busy and didn’t finish it.  Now with a little editing and some finishing words I think it is ready to go.  I am interested in the questions I pose and I would love some feedback from other parents.  Where is it […] . . . → Read More: Of Blood and Babies

Sticks and Stones

I am always hearing about Hockey or Soccer or (insert some other sport/activity here) parent who feels that their son or daughter is not being treated fairly by their coach or referee. This is fine, and the parents who talk reasonably to the coach/referee about whatever issue they feel they have is great. I […] . . . → Read More: Sticks and Stones

Freedom in sight

It is official.  I have an end date for taking care of T.  He actually has a nanny who will come to his house and he will be the only child being taken care of.  T. will be so much happier to have the attention only on him, and he will be home.  I am […] . . . → Read More: Freedom in sight

Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony, Review, For Real This Time

So I flaked out last week and this week has still been crazy busy but I am determined to get down to the business of blogging. I have Aidan and T. in front of the tv for a few minutes so they don’t kill each other while I am on the computer. I […] . . . → Read More: Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony, Review, For Real This Time