Wow, I Was So Hopeful

In May of 2007 I wrote my 100th blog post while I was still a fairly young blogger and the mother of only one child. I have this list of things I wanted to do before I turned 40, that I wrote when I had just turned 34. I look at the list now and [...] . . . → Read More: Wow, I Was So Hopeful

Rain, Rain

Today I finally found a pair of rain pants so that I can bike in the rain and not get my jeans wet. I have been looking for at least a month. I love how many places seem to think that bigger girls just do not exercise or need gear that facilitates that exercise.
I am [...] . . . → Read More: Rain, Rain

Another Milestone

As unlikely as it may seem, kindergarten registration opened yesterday for all children born in 2008. This means that Quinlan is now eligible for kindergarten registration. My baby is now ready to go to kindergarten in 10 months. Yes, in 10 months time Quinlan will be a four year old in kindergarten.
I am so glad [...] . . . → Read More: Another Milestone

Post Laundry Depression

I have a first world problem. I am totally jonesing for my iPhone. I feel a little bit twitchy. I haven’t taken an instagram in over 24 hours. I watch with jealously as my husband, who did not launder his iPhone, watches his twitter feed, or takes a picture. All because I got thrown up [...] . . . → Read More: Post Laundry Depression