Rain, Rain

Today I finally found a pair of rain pants so that I can bike in the rain and not get my jeans wet. I have been looking for at least a month. I love how many places seem to think that bigger girls just do not exercise or need gear that facilitates that exercise.

I am a pretty active woman and I always  enjoyed hiking, biking and swimming. I like to ski even though I am not so good at it yet. I even enjoy snowshoeing even though the end always seems a little long. A lot of these activities mean that I need the proper outer wear to enjoy these activities without being wet or cold. Gear companies seem to think that because I have a  big bust, or what ends up being an averaged sized bottom half that I don’t deserve gear that fits. It is frustrating because I know I am not the largest woman out there and if I have this hard a time getting exercise wear how do other bigger women cope?

Women of all sizes exercise and deserve to be comfortable while doing it. Since it is always the bigger sizes that are sold out, maybe this should be a sign to the buyers for the stores. If you have about a hundred size mediums and no other sizes, maybe that should let you know that you need to get some more bigger sizes. stop relegating plus sized people to shopping online. It is a pain in the ass and you might just get more of my custom if you took the time to see that not everyone is a small size.

Sports bra people, if you could make a sports bra that was actually made to help bigger breasts (and not just a DDD) I mean BIGGER breasts , you would have so many customers your corporate offices would spin and do a happy dance. I know I am not the only woman who would love to be supported while I exercise. If someone came up with a comfortable, supportive sports bra for the H-K cup women I would support you to the skies. You would be so supported you would be thanking me.

Heads up clothiers, the big women are not going to take this much longer. Get in the game while you still can.


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4 Responses to Rain, Rain

  1. Colette says:

    OMG!!! YEESSSSSSS to the need for Sports Bras for the H-K cup sized ladies!!! I still haven’t been able to find one – although over the summer I found some wonderful work out tops at Wal-Mart that, when worn with an old, normal bra, hold everything in pretty well with minimal bounce-age. =)

    I went through this struggle with Bike Shorts when I did the Ride to Conquer Cancer a few years ago. It was aweful! Sigh. Tea?
    Colette´s last blog post ..The Healing Process

  2. harriet says:

    Nice one Gwen!
    harriet´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday

  3. Lisa C says:

    ARGH, I hate women’s outdoor gear sizing! I was just at MEC recently looking for a rain coat. My current one fits well, but leaks at the seams so I get pretty soggy on a bike ride in the rain. MEC has two that I like the look of, the length seems perfect & they’ve improved the styling over the last couple years too. BUT, once I went in to try them on, I found that both of these women’s coats appeared to have been designed for MEN’s hips. Though it was overly roomy in the chest for me, the large barely fit around my bum & would not have allowed me to, say, sit on a bicycle or do anything, really, without riding up or just looking stupid.

    I love MEC, but buying clothing there, unless it’s super stretchy, is an exercise in frustration. 😛
    Lisa C´s last blog post ..Out & About in the Fraserhood

  4. Andrea says:

    I got my sports bra at Diane’s or Lady Sport. I can’t remember which. But either of those places carry J. Just sayin’.

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