Post Laundry Depression

I have a first world problem. I am totally jonesing for my iPhone. I feel a little bit twitchy. I haven’t taken an instagram in over 24 hours. I watch with jealously as my husband, who did not launder his iPhone, watches his twitter feed, or takes a picture. All because I got thrown up […] . . . → Read More: Post Laundry Depression

A View to the Night

Since the view from our balcony isn’t nearly as lovely right now because of the construction, I walked down the block and borrowed another. I plan to go again when there is an event so I can get some better pictures of the BC Stadium roof.
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Meet my new computer: Wesley

A few years ago Anthony got me the best Valentines day gift ever, my netbook Cordelia. I loved my Cordelia and she worked really well for me until she didn’t. I started having issues with her when I went to blogher in New York, luckily it was just a power cord issue, or so I […] . . . → Read More: Meet my new computer: Wesley


Around this time of year I usually get sick.  This year it was a little earlier than usual and of course at a critical time.  In two weeks the Advent Carol Service will be upon us.  I know it will work out, but so I don’t give the choir my chest cold, and because after […] . . . → Read More: Sick