Remembrance Day at Elementary School

One thing that always gets me about elementary schools in Canada is their links to the past and especially to Remembrance Day. While I don’t really like the references to war and to the death the wars represent, I think we need to honour our past and what life might have been like without those soldiers and sailors who risked their lives for our freedom.

I have taken the boys to the Remembrance day ceremonies since they were very little and it seems to hit Aidan especially hard. He is such an empathetic soul and really feels the solemnity of the occasion. Last year he made a beautiful fabric art piece for his uncle Jimmy. This year he has written two poems, one in English and the other in French. He would like to have been part of the Remembrance Day ceremony at school, but he wasn’t chosen this year. Maybe next year.

I promised Aidan that I would put his poems on the blog. If you have any comments I will let him know.


Aidan’s Remembrance Day Poems

Aidan laying a poppy on a wreath

Lest We Forget

Lest we forget,

those soldiers who met,

ends of respect,

who died to protect,

they went down the highway of heroes,

and god do protect their lost souls,

thanks for our freedom,

lest we forget.

by Aidan Floyd age 9, grade 4


Le jour de souvenir

N’oublions pas,

tous ses soldats,

q’ui sont donné ses vie pour s’auver des gens ils savais meme pas,

mais ses esperits reste encore dans l’air,

la mer et la terre,


par Aidan Floyd, age 9, grade 4

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  1. Lorraine Otto says:

    Aidan, those poems are beautiful. You are such a thoughtful young man. Love you.

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