Truth: A Life Worth Living

I have decided to skip day 6 because I have no intention of even writing down what I hope will never happen. Needless to say I am sure you can imagine for yourselves. Day 7 is much easier, though there is no way I can limit it to just one.
My family makes life worth living.  […] . . . → Read More: Truth: A Life Worth Living

July 1st, A New Winter?

As we always do on July 1st, we celebrate Canada Day at granville Island.  This year my mom was with us and we headed down after lunch and Quinlan’s nap.  The interesting part of it was we were all dressed in almsot the same clothes we wore in February . . . at the Olympics.  […] . . . → Read More: July 1st, A New Winter?

Daily Ramble

Block Block I am blocked.  I am trying so hard to write every day, but I am also trying to write something worth reading.  Plus I am also trying to , you know, have a life.  Today that meant getting dressed and getting out of the house to do some errands.
Once I got all the […] . . . → Read More: Daily Ramble