Daily Ramble

Block Block I am blocked.  I am trying so hard to write every day, but I am also trying to write something worth reading.  Plus I am also trying to , you know, have a life.  Today that meant getting dressed and getting out of the house to do some errands.

Once I got all the emails out and appointments taken care of, I got the boys dressed and we headed out to get to the craft store, the bank, Staples and Toysrus.  I was trying to get a couple of pages to finish up the December daily album.  I was also trying to find some gift tags to put some numbers on as well.  I didn’t find either, though I did find some Dover stained glass Christmas Colouring book and I think some of these pages will become part of the December album.

I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t find the things I wanted for the album. I have an idea in my head of what I want this to look like and right now it is close but not finished.

The Toysrus run was for a few games.  I had a 10 dollar off coupon for a board game.  There was also a buy one get one free for some easy games.  I got a Jenga, a Snakes and Ladders and a Frustration.  I am hoping to get a Family Game night happening.  I figure it will be easier to start if we have some games that Aidan can play. We’ll see how this works out.

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