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Effing Bad Start to the Weekend

This has been an epically bad day and it is just noon now.
Our day started at about 6ish with Quinlan waking up crying. It turns out he was feeling sick, had a dream about his tummy hurting and had thrown … Continue reading

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What Bothers Me Most About the Vancouver Riots

When it was obvious that Vancouver was losing and the boys were losing interest in the game Anthony and I made the decision to put them to bed. Quinlan (our 2.5 year old) was always going to go to bed … Continue reading

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Letting Go of the Reins

I have for the past few years been in charge of a church choir in an unpaid position.  Before that I was a singer in the choir as a favour to the organist.  This year I am not in charge.  … Continue reading

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Parenting Fail or Am I Overeacting?

As I wrote yesterday Aidan’s school had a Halloween carnival on Friday night.  There was a ton of fun for all ages and there were kids from babies to grade 7’s there.  Most of the costumes on both the kids … Continue reading

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