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What Happened to a Woman’s Right to Choose?

In reading my tweetdeck this morning catching up on the conversations that were happening last night, I came across a very interesting one on tubal ligation. Specifically will an OB/GYN perform a tubal ligation on a woman who has not … Continue reading

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In Which I Talk About My Problems With Bras and Big Boobs

I am a person of size, a big girl, a short girl, a plus sized girl.  Inside I am a tall, curvy and more toned woman with C cups that are still perky. On the outside I am one that … Continue reading

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Rant Vancouver

As I was writing the random rant about the shower incident at the community pool, I decided to read it out to Anthony.  He then told me that I should send it into Rant Vancouver.  I did yesterday and they … Continue reading

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Random Rant

I have been wondering this to myself several Fridays now; (yes I am aware that it is now Sunday or Monday for those reading on the east coast,) What the hell kind of person shaves their legs at the community … Continue reading

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