Effing Bad Start to the Weekend

This has been an epically bad day and it is just noon now.

Our day started at about 6ish with Quinlan waking up crying. It turns out he was feeling sick, had a dream about his tummy hurting and had thrown up in his bed sometime overnight. OK, while not the best way to start, we got him and his bed cleaned up. Luckily it wasn’t a lot and none of his stuffed animals were afflicted. Anthony brought the boys upstairs after watching tv in our bed and made some breakfast, Quinlan is not one to wait so he had some yogurt. Just as we were about to eat some hot pancakes he was at it again, only this time he got me as well. Once he was cleaned up I headed downstairs to do some laundry forgetting about the iPhone in my pocket.

Did you know that washing your iPhone is not really recommended? Did you know that when you have more than 3 months left on your contract (we have almost 2 years left)that there is pretty much nothing you can do about that? So my iPhone now languishes in a bag of rice, with me hoping to god that it recovers in 24 hours. Since I bought a laptop and a tv last week, my emergency money is in short supply.

Simple thing I was going to do next, go to the grocery store. I got everything ready, and while I kept forgetting things, like my purse and my keys, I wasn’t worried about the trip. I wasn’t worried about the trip until I went outside to where I parked the car last night. The car WAS NOT where I parked it last night and I was pretty sure that Anthony had not taken the car out today, so I was a little worried. I did go to check the garage in case my memory was faulty and I hadn’t parked it in the 1 hour parking by our house. A 1 hour parking that does not have a tow away sign. A one hour parking that always has people parked there longer without penalty. A one hour place that we had been less than two hours over. My car should still be there even if we did get a ticket.

After 40 minutes on hold we have just found out it had been towed. It fucking should not have been towed. It should only have been ticketed. This is one of the worst fucking weekends already and it is still only noonish.

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