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New Haircut and Weird Toddler Circadian Rhythms

With the change in light up here (you would think we were way way up north) it doesn’t get dark before 9:30 and we can’t seem to keep the light from Aidan’s room. This means that for the … Continue reading

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Hair Cut at Home: Part Deux

After Aidan’s supper last night Anthony decided we need to cut the rest of Aidan’s hair and that we would try the electric clippers we bought. I don’t have any pictures or video because as soon as the … Continue reading

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Hair Cut at Home

Anthony has been saying for weeks now that we need to get Aidan’s hair cut.  Anthony also bought a home barber kit a couple of weeks ago.  We decided that since the last time at the barber went so badly … Continue reading

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Wii and a haircut

This weekend I was working in the kitchen at our church’s annual Christmas Bazaar so Anthony had Aidan for most of Saturday. Aidan continued his no napping streak and I got a call about 2:20 pm letting me know … Continue reading

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