Hair Cut at Home

Anthony has been saying for weeks now that we need to get Aidan’s hair cut.  Anthony also bought a home barber kit a couple of weeks ago.  We decided that since the last time at the barber went so badly (think some vague horror movie with lots of screaming and crying and clinging,) we would try to get it done at home.  I have done a bit of reading and most books will tell you to do it while the toddler is in the high chair and be prepared to do it over a few days.  Anthony asked if I had taken some pictures tho celebrate my mad skills at barbering.  I replied that I am not sure “skills” or “celebrate” are the right words. So here are some before and after shots of part 1 of I don’t know how many.  (Sorry that the before is not actually a “just before” picture.)


Aidan with Hair in his eyes.


Aidan reaching for the camera.  Ubiquitous shot  for hime right now.


My favourite picture ever.  He is so cute even with the bad haircut.

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1 Response to Hair Cut at Home

  1. Nana Lorraine says:

    Aidan looks more like Anthony every day. (not because of the haircut)
    He obviously likes home haircuts better than barbershops because that is a huge smile. His eyes smile almost shut just like his Mommy. Where did that little cowlick on the side come from?
    Love you all.

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