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I love Guitar Hero (Reprise)

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Guitar Hero any more we got the second bundle from Futureshop in the mail.  We had been thinking that we would just take it back to the store since it was unopened and … Continue reading

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Practice Hurts

I have just realized that if I actually put that much practice into real guitar or my flute I would be a damn good player.  Why is it more fun to play with the Wii guitar?  Any answers?  Sigh, makes … Continue reading

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You Rock!

That I do. 🙂
Don’t be shocked, I am not tooting my own horn too much but playing a lot of Guitar Hero III for the Wii. In spite of a rocky start (Story of My life is not … Continue reading

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Wow, where was I?

I am just noticing that it has been a long while since I have posted. You would think that when Anthony was home I would have more time to post. I actually did some posting from Left Coast … Continue reading

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